Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spoke too soon....

Well, throughout my 11 weeks of pregnancy, I have been pretty proud of the fact that I haven't thrown up at all. I've told people "This is easy! I can do this!" Well, Friday night I think the Lord decided to say "BOO YA, CYNDI!" I had been feeling weird all day long...had a headache and just wasn't hungry. Well, Jay is always ready to eat on Friday nights when I get off. We decided to go to Jason's Deli to eat dinner. Salads have not tasted "right" to me at all since I have been pregnant. I feel like I can taste the dirt on the lettuce. BUT, for some reason that night I decided to get the salad bar. I usually LOVE the salad bar there. I made a good looking salad with lots of veggies on it thinking "I am eating healthy! Go me!" I sat down to eat and made myself eat most of the salad. Did not enjoy it one bit. At the end of your meal you can get a free soft serve ice cream cone. I passed on that one, but Jay was all over it. He gets his ice cream and we head to the car to go shopping. We get in the car and Jay hands me his ice cream cone to hold while he starts the car up. I knew then things weren't going to be pretty. I started gagging. I threw the cone back at him and jumped out of the car. Luckily I made it to the grassy knoll before I puked my guts out several times. All the while, Jayson is merrily licking his ice cream cone in the car. Cars were trying to pull into parking spaces but couldn't because I was puking. haha. What a special night. I felt better after that and we continued our shopping. I got several cute maternity tops and some yoga pants at Ross. I have had the most luck there with buying maternity clothes. They are so cheap--$7.99 for shirts! My weight gain is holding steady right at 2 1/2-3 pounds. I'll take it! That's not bad for the whole first trimester! This weekend I felt kind of puny...I slept A LOT. My body must have needed it. This week has been good so far, except for the awful heartburn. Now that I have finished my antibiotic I can go back to taking Tums. mmmmm. Saturday we went to Babies R Us for the first time. Man, is that place overwhelming! SO much stuff to look at. We found a few bedding sets that we like and a few stroller/carrier combos that we like too. Now we just need to know if it is a boy or a girl so we can decide. Well, that is all for now. Hopefully I will have no more sick incidents to report!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Put the lime in the coconut...

Well, I am almost done with the first trimester! Yay! I am 11 weeks today. It amazes me that the baby still doesn't weigh an ounce yet! The baby is now as big as a lime. In a couple of weeks, there will be a major jump in fruits. Stay tuned! This week the baby is learning how to swallow and is controlling other reflexes. Right now, the head is as big as the body. Hopefully that will change soon...haha. The placenta is starting to take over some of the hormone production, so I should start feeling better and better every day. I can already tell a difference. I'm not near as nauseous any more, but still very tired. I think I am still trying to get over our trip. I only gained 2 pounds on the trip....one of which I have already lost! Yay! I have only noticed a major change in the "chest area." Oh the joys. As if I didn't have issues to begin with! I have had a major headache all day today, and no tylenol in sight to help things! My appetite is getting better, but I'm still not eager to eat. I can't finish a whole meal right now, and some things just don't taste as good to me as they used to. I'm not having any weird cravings or anything just yet, but I do like eating french fries. Terrible, I know. I tried to eat a salad the other day and I felt like I could taste the dirt on the lettuce leaves...GROSS! I don't think I'll be attempting that again any time soon. Now, for the journey to Massachusetts:

We arrived late Friday night. The flight there was decent, besides the fact that we played Phase 10 and Jay BARELY beat me at the last second. We didn't get to bed until after midnight that night. I was very excited to see a pile of maternity clothes there waiting on me! Thanks, MIL! I didn't sleep that well the first night due to having to go to the bathroom every few hours. The room we stay in is downstairs, so I had to make the trek upstairs every time I had to go.

Saturday was spent mainly visiting with family.

We went to see Jay's grandparents. Poor Papa has had a reaction to the chemo pill he is taking. His face is all broken out. I felt bad for him. That night, Jay's parents treated everyone to dinner. Here are some pics:

Me and Jay with Julia, the oldest niece

Me and Rylee, the second oldest niece

Sunday morning, Jay and I sang at his parents' church. We sang "Father Spirit Jesus" by Casting Crowns. We had to sing at both services. Between the first and second service, we went to Walgreens, where we got this:

This fine product is called Intelligender. The pregnancy magazines are advertising that this little test is 90% accurate in predicting the gender of your baby. It's all a bunch of hogwash, I'm sure, but it was just too tempting to not try it. I will talk more about that later! After church I went with the MIL and Alex to do some shopping. I bought Twilight! YAY! After our excursion we went on a walk around the neighborhood. I was so out of breath! I have got to do a better job of staying in shape while being pregnant! We stopped to pick up Natalie and she rode in her stroller the rest of the walk. Then she came back to the house and amazed us with her saxophone skills.

We ate some yummy mac and cheese for dinner (did you know that is a main course in New England? You can order it like any other meat. CRAZY. Down south it is strictly a side dish!) and then headed to Grams. Jayson sure was glad to see his Grandmother!

Monday morning dawned bright and early. I told LeighAnn (Jayson's sister) that I would do the Intelligender test at 8:00 A.M. Monday. Well, my bladder could not wait that long. I woke up a little after 7 and knew I wasn't going to make it till 8. So, I had to go on and take the test. The test comes in a little bottle. The bottle is filled with "magic crystals". You have to use your first morning urine in a cup. They give you a syringe to squirt the urine into the magic crystals. EW. Then you have to swirl it around for 10 seconds and let it sit for 10 minutes. The crystals change colors according to what you are having--green for a boy and orange for a girl. I called LeighAnn while I was waiting so she could at least feel like she was there with me. I checked after 2 minutes and it was GREEN! I waited for 8 more minutes and it was still GREEN! So, according to the ever so wise Intelligender, we are having a boy. Don't worry, I'm not going to paint the nursery or buy boy clothes just yet. Here I am delivering the news to LeighAnn:

We shopped on Monday. I did purchase some clothes for the baby. A cute little Red Sox gift set with onesies, a pacifier, a hat, and a wrist rattle. If it is a girl, we can just stick a bow in her hair and she will still be cute. lol!

Tuesday morning we went with LeighAnn and Natalie to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store. It is the real deal. That is where they make the candles and everything. I love going there. Rooms and rooms of candles, and it is always CHRISTMAS in the store. It snows every so often in the store. I always have to buy a candle when we go. I bought an apple scented one for my office. And we also got this cool fan thing that blows a different scent every 2 hours.
After that we went to a thrift store, where I got some really cute onesies and stuff in great shape....Baby Gap and Old Navy stuff for like 50 cents each! You can't beat that! We stopped at Wendy's for lunch so the prego ladies could get their fix. As soon as we got back to the house, I got a call from my doctor. My last appointment was March 9th. I get a call this past Tuesday telling me that I have a bladder infection. I have had it for over two weeks. So nice of them to decide to call and tell me that. Very frustrating. I questioned it and they said they just got the results back in, which is a big ol' lie. You can't let urine tests go that long. So they put me on an antibiotic, Nitrofur, which I had called in up in Massachusetts. I am taking it twice a day. I just wonder now if the pains I was feeling that I thought were just pregnancy related were really infection related. I have also been going to the bathroom as much as a 9 months pregnant woman would. During dinner one night in Mass I went 5 times. I am setting world records! HA. We are going to question this some more when I go for my next appointment April 9th. I really like my doctor, but I have not been impressed with the way some things have been going. Shannon brought her girls over that afternoon. We ate dinner with the Pastor and his family that night at Friendly's and headed home.

Wednesday was our last day there. We visited with Gram and Pappa some more and had lunch with LeighAnn and Natalie.

That's pretty much our trip in a nutshell. It was nice to get away for a while, but always hard to get back into the routine. We were very upset to discover that our DVR did not record our shows while we were gone. Whatever will we do?! These next few weeks of pregnancy should be interesting. I should start showing. I will take some belly pics and put them up. Go comment on my hubby's blog. He needs comments. haha.

Friday, March 20, 2009

From Baby Eaton...

Dear Mom,

I have been growing inside of you for 10 weeks now. I am the size of a prune. The good news is, I am now over an inch tall and weigh 1/4 of an ounce. The bad news is, I am now capable of pooping. You better get ready for all those diapers now! My vital organs are developing now, and I am starting to get little tooth buds. Who knows if I will have big teeth like your side of the family?! You better start saving up for braces NOW. I can move my arms...that is pretty neat. Over the next 3 weeks I will really be busy. My size will double! That is probably why you will start gaining more weight soon, so don't freak out. You've been pretty lucky so far--you've only gained 3 pounds in the first 10 weeks. That's pretty impressive. I'm sorry you haven't had too much of an appetite lately. I have tried to give you a few good days here and there. You are feeding me more calcium, thanks to those Tums you've been taking. That is good, because my bones are starting to form now. I'm glad you are not eating chocolate, because I do NOT like it. Keep eating the salty stuff...and the fruits and veggies of course! I heard daddy when he put his face to your belly and asked if I was in there this week. I giggled. Of course I am in here! Why else do you think my mom has felt so rough lately? I think you should maybe switch your prenatal vitamin. It is not making you feel good every morning. I hate it that your belly hurts because of your vitamin! But I need them, so you have to keep taking them. One morning this week, you woke up and said that you felt like you had been doing sit ups all night long. That's just me growing. Sorry! You better start putting lotion on your stomach, because pretty soon you will be having stretch marks and who wants those?! I am very excited about my first trip on a plane to go to Massachusetts. I am excited about meeting Nana, Grandpa, Auntie Alex, Auntie LeighAnn, Auntie Shannon, Uncle Justin, Uncle Todd, Julia, Rylee, Natalie, and Avery. And Grammie and Pappa, Auntie Laura, Uncle Mike, Matt, and Jake. Oh, and the puppies too. Oh, and my newest cousin still in Auntie LeighAnn's belly. I am sure we would have lots to talk to each other about---if we could! Hopefully I can be a good boy or girl and you will feel good on your vacation. You and daddy need a vacation! Having a baby growing inside of you is hard work! I still don't know what to call your mommy and daddy. Gi Gi? Be Be? Boo Boo? haha. They need to decide fast, because I will be here before they know it! Well, I need to go rest before our big plane trip tonight. Only 9 more weeks or so until you know if I am a boy or a girl!
Payton. Or Gavin. Or Addison.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The middle of week 9

Well, I am now about 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have had absolutely NO appetite for over a week. Nice timing, with Texas family being in town! I really haven't been too nauseous in the morning, just no appetite all day long and very sleepy. I hope the baby is getting enough nutrients. I have been faithfully taking my vitamins and trying to eat when I feel like it. I'm not showing yet, though I can definitely feel and tell a difference more and more with each day that passes.
Uncle Tom, Nonie, Shannon, Brandy, and Deon arrived Saturday night. We all ate together at Couser's....which is always a treat. lol. Didn't really feel like eating my food. Good thing my dad took care of my "leftovers." Sunday morning we slept in and skipped Sunday School because I needed the sleep! We went to church, went to my parents house for MORE food, and then everyone came to our house for dessert. There were 26 people crammed into my parents' house. It was absolutely crazy. Sunday night we all ate at Grandma's (are you seeing a trend here? Food, food, and more food!). Yesterday I was absolutely exhausted from the busy weekend. I left work a little early so we could meet the fam at The Catfish House for MORE food. I really did not eat much at all--though I did manage to eat some fried pickles (my absolute FAVORITE). Jay and I retired early after that. We came back home and watched this:

A co-worker let me borrow this. It is really cool. It shows the development of the baby from conception through birth. We watched all the way up to 11 weeks. It is crazy to think that the baby is already moving inside of me, even though it is just reflexes (the brain isn't telling it to move yet). How anyone could experience pregnancy and childbirth and not believe there is a God is beyond me. Anyway, I was asleep by about 9:15 last night...and didn't wake up till 7:15 this morning. I needed the sleep! Today I have felt much better...more energized and a little bit more of an appetite. My mom and I went to Grandma's for lunch to tell everyone bye. It's always sad to say goodbye to family! Deon was absolutely precious while they were here. He kept referring to Jay as "the teacher." He loved Grandma and laughed at everything she said. Tonight I work until 6:00 (I HATE late nights!) and then we will have our shows to watch when I get home. Just a few more days and we will be in Massachusetts. I think we are both ready for a getaway. Maybe some new scenery will give me some more energy and an appetite!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, we are officially in week 9 now! A little olive! Still seems SO small to me. The baby is just now at about an inch long. I get weekly emails from babygaga.com. Here is what my email said this morning:

You're getting close to the end of the first trimester and your little baby is really starting to take off, with eyes and ears, and even their kidney is getting ready to start making wee-wee! Your slightly bulging midline could still be mistaken for too many Mallomars, but you're on the path to steady weight gain, which we recommend you keep track of now (you'll thank us later).

Wee-wee?! Ew. My midline is slightly bulging, even though I keep gaining and losing the same pound every few days. My stomach is feeling harder...not jiggly with fat like it usually is. HAHA. I feel like I have hit a wall this week. So far, this week has been the roughest physically. I have had no appetite at all--I have had to make myself eat, and when I do, there are always leftovers. What happened to that little monster inside of me that was SO hungry the past few weeks?! I have been very tired too. Last night I was asleep well before 9:00. Woke up this morning and still had bags under my eyes. Last night after dinner I could physically feel the hormones raging through my body. I was up cleaning the kitchen and I had to sit down...my whole body was shaking...and I got SO tired! I have also been having some digestive issues. I hope all that goes away soon. I am ready to start showing...and to actually be able to enjoy being pregnant! I know the first trimester is almost over. I see the light at the end of the tunnel! This weekend will be a busy one. Uncle Tom, Nonie, Shannon, Brandy, and Deon from Texas will be in town. So, the little olive gets to meet some Texas family for the first time! There will be a lot of eating taking place this weekend. Hopefully I can hold up...and somehow come through on the desserts and stuff I have to make. I have a hard time cooking right now. Poor Jay has had to come to bat for me with household chores this week. He has been great--doing laundry, vacuuming, etc. MIL, you trained him well. Or did he ever do that kind of stuff at home?! :-) Well, that's all for now! My weeks change over on Fridays now. That's kind of a good thing. We have that to look forward to all week long!

****Here are my week nine progress pictures! Still not much visible to the public eye, but I can definitely see and feel the changes... Hopefully soon it will be visible!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We have a baby!

Well, there you have it! Our first ultrasound! YAY! My appointment was at 2:45 yesterday afternoon. Jayson and I both left work a little early. We got there and had to wait for about 10 minutes before they called me back. That made me even more nervous! They finally called me back and got me set up for the ultrasound first. My doctor kept calling Jayson "Trey." So that is his new name now...ha! I finally had to correct him...I couldn't take it any more! It was an internal ultrasound (FUN!). When it first started, he freaked me out because he just stood there for a while and didn't say anything! Then he asked the nurse "Are you seeing what I'm seeing here?" OH MY WORD. I thought something was wrong. But then the nurse said "AW!" So I knew everything was okay. He pointed out the yolk sac, the gestational sac, and the umbilical cord. The cord was bigger than the baby! We also got to see the heartbeat fluttering away. He said at our next appointment we should be able to hear the heartbeat. I said "So there's only one in there, right?" And he said "Why? Were you expecting more than one?" And I told him about the history of twins in my family. He checked and double checked, and there is only one baby! Thank goodness! He measured the baby at 8 weeks, 3 days. I thought for sure I would be about 9 weeks. It is only a couple of days difference, though. And who knows...the baby could just be measuring small. After the ultrasound, he took us in his office for a "chat." He loves to do that. We sat in his office and he asked us about our family history and gave me a bag of goodies to take home. He also answered all of the questions that I had. He gave us a due date of Friday, October 16th. Yay for an October baby! After our chat, they took SIX vials of blood from me. I thought I was going to DIE. They took 3 huge vials and 3 small ones. Jayson asked what they were taking all the blood for and she said they were making sure I was healthy enough to carry a baby...checking for HIV, Hepatitis, etc. They are also determining my blood type since I have no clue. She also milked it for me and told Jayson "Now, since I've taken so much blood she probably can't cook or clean or anything like that for at least 3 days." I laughed. After the massive blood draw, our insurance info was explained to us...with a grand total of what the baby will cost us. Here comes another bill! They set us up on a payment plan starting next month. I will pay each month until I am about 7 months along. After that we should be set to go. My next appointment is April 9th at 3:45. That's when we will hear the heartbeat. He said we will know the gender of the baby at 18-19 weeks. So, that's only 10 weeks away! WOOHOO! Jayson dreamed that it was a girl. He said we both had to chew this gum...and if the gum turned blue it was a boy, and if it turned green it was a girl. Both of our pieces of gum turned GREEN. HA. Well, that is all for now. My weeks "switch over" on Fridays now, so the baby is still a raspberry for the time being. Tune in Friday to see what is next!

P.S. People can say the DUMBEST things while you are pregnant. Honestly. I was just told "Well, you don't look like you're pregnant." SERIOUSLY, people. I am 8 1/2 weeks along.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The berry of the week...

Well, the baby is now the size of a raspberry! This week the baby is straightening out, developing ear lobes, fingers, and toes. I think I am 8 weeks and 1 day. I will find out for sure on Monday when we go for our first ultrasound. yay! It's exciting and nervewracking all at the same time! I just want a happy, healthy baby! I have been absolutely STARVING for the past 2 days. I am really trying to eat more healthy, snacking on fruit and cheese and things like that. I just can't go for very long without eating--it's crazy how hungry I get. I get so hungry that it is painful at times! I have had a headache all day...I don't know if that is due to hunger, hormones, or what. I just got back from lunch with my mom. I am sure within the next hour I will have to eat something small. The morning sickness hasn't been bad so far this week. Let's hope it stays that way! Jayson woke up this morning running a little bit of a fever. I freaked out...hoping I don't catch whatever it is he is coming down with! The baby will be clothed for Christmas, at least. lol. My parents bought 2 unisex Christmas outfits for the baby this weekend on clearance at Dillards. They are very cute! Jayson and I have found a crib that we like, too. It is a 4-in-1, so it will go from a Crib to a toddler bed to a daybed, to a full size bed. It also has a matching changing table and glider. Here is a pic:

My mom has been wanting to buy me some maternity clothes for a while now. We do not have an Old Navy near us that sells maternity clothes, but I saw that they are having a big sale right now. So, she bought me some stuff online today! Here is what I got:

Well, I guess that's it for this baby update. Keep praying that I get my appetite under control!!!