Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OH No you never let go...

I miss you all already! You're all hofty and I love you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ready or not...

Well, I am sitting at work on Wednesday morning at 9:36 A.M. I have nothing to do today....I would rather be getting on a plane NOW to come to Lubbock! I was so keyed up last night I had a hard time falling asleep. Jayson and I watched 2 episodes of Scrubs. Normally I start falling asleep at the end of the second episode, but NOT LAST NIGHT. I'm so excited! Jayson just called--he is going to pick up his camera from Best Buy. The flash on his camera is malfunctioning. Good thing we have a warranty on it. So it was fixed for free. We have to have a camera on our trip! He is also going to stop our mail...basically through the end of July! I called my mom at 8 this morning and they were already in Memphis. Daddy must be bookin' it. At this rate, they may end up in Lubbock tonight! We printed our boarding passes last night...we got A's....yessssssssss! A guy from my mom's work is taking us to the airport this afternoon at 2:00. Our flight leaves Nashville at 5:30. That means we will have to sit in the airport for a while. I think we will eat out there and just take our time getting to the gate. Our flight from Dallas leaves at 9:20. So I guess that will be a short flight. Oh, Grandma just called. There is NOTHING like having to yell on the phone to your Grandma while you are at work. She is so cute! She said "I just feel so bad for your family having to be on the road driving all that way." I told her I was at work for the morning and she felt guilty for calling me. POOR THING! She will worry until my parents get to Lubbock. I'm excited for Jayson on his first trip to Lubbock! WOOHOO! He has been asking me ALL kinds of questions. I told him it is non stop partying action from sun up till sun down. :-) He wants to play basketball with Casey! LOL. How cute is my husband? Ok, I need to pretend to be busy! I will see y'all TODAY! I like how I am just talking to you Texas girls on here...you're the only ones that read this anyway!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Who is gonna pick up these 2 hotties from the airport next week?!