Friday, February 27, 2009

My little blueberry!

Well, that's how big the baby is this week! A little blueberry! How can something so small cause you to be so nauseous!? I already feel like there is a watermelon in there! Wrong fruit, I guess. This week the baby's brain is really developing and arms and legs are starting to grow. Pretty cool, huh? The past two days have been kind of rough. Yesterday morning I was sick immediately when I woke up. I hadn't had much to eat the night before, so that could be why. I was sick feeling off and on all morning. Mary Kay (my cousin's wife in Texas) told me to try lemonade for morning sickness. I tried that late morning and it seemed to work for me. My weight has gone down a little. I've lost about 2 pounds, probably in water weight alone. I am chugging the water all day at work. It stormed really bad last night. I was awake at 5 because it was so bad. I didn't feel terrible when I got up, but as the morning has progressed it's gotten worse. I brought leftover chicken tenders for lunch. MISTAKE. I stood up to take them to the refrigerator in the back and got a whiff. UGH. I started gagging--I thought for sure this would be my first time to throw up. But, I didn't, thankfully. I just don't know if I will be eating those chicken tenders for lunch today! ew! My little blueberry will be taking his or her first plane ride next month to Massachusetts! I may be showing at that point. Exciting! Well, that's all for now. Just thought I'd post an update before I get busy at work.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, I'm pregnant! Woohoo! I am going to try to do a better job of blogging throughout my pregnancy. Having family live far away is tough! I am going to try to keep everyone updated on everything. We are very excited. We had been trying for a while, so this is definitely an answer to prayer. I have always had a haunting feeling that I was never going to get pregnant. Our first Sunday visiting at our new church, I sat and bawled during "cardboard testimonies" because so many of the women were told they could never have kids and they did! Little did I know then that I was pregnant. We found out on Monday, February 2nd. I really hadn't been feeling any noticable symptoms...or so I thought. Later, I realized that the metallic taste in my mouth and the RARE nosebleed I had were both pregnancy symptoms. Anyway, Jay made me take a test that night just for the fun of it...and sure enough, there was a faint little line there. I freaked out...I knew it couldn't be right. After all, it was a Dollar Tree pregnancy test. So, we went and worked out and bought a "real" digital test on the way home. That one was positive too! I think I took about 8 tests over the course of the next few days. Seriously. We didn't know whether to tell people right away or what. The next evening we made a video to send to Jayson's parents. It wouldn't send through email, so we ended up sending them a picture of the test instead. I wish that I had known I was pregnant when they were here to visit! They went back home a week before I found out! BOO! Then we went to my parent's house. After Halloween, I had bought some baby stuff on clearance at Target just for the fun of it. Well, how lucky is it that I am due in October? I wrapped a bib up and we took it to my parents as a "Thanks for helping us move in" gift. I think they caught on as soon as we walked in the door. Here is their reaction:

The very next day I started feeling pregnancy symptoms. Very tired, nauseous, and hating anything sweet tasting. I called my doctor Tuesday morning and they couldn't get me in till the 11th. Waiting waiting waiting! My first appointment did not go as I thought it would. Basically I just went in, he took a blood and urine test, and that was it. I was expecting so much more! My hormone levels were REALLY high. At about 5 weeks I was reading at 4900. From what I can see online, that is high. What if this is twins?! Twins do run in our family. I have had a lot of symptoms of carrying multiples, too: early heartburn, EXTREME fatigue, extreme hunger, high hormone level, etc. My sister in law told me that she learned in nursing school that high hcg levels can sometimes mean you are having a girl. Jayson wants a boy so bad! Anyway, my doctor scheduled me for my first ultrasound on March 9th. I am pretty sure I will be about 9 weeks at that point. I guess we will find out an exact due date then...and if it is multiples or just one baby! I called this morning to see if I could get that moved up and they said no, that he is booked solid. I told them I hadn't had a real prenatal visit yet, and they told me he would do all of that on the 9th. I have been taking prenatal vitamins off and on for months now. It's frustrating, but what can you do? I like my doctor...he is a Christian and he was really good to my mom when she had her surgery. I just hope things kick into high gear soon! We told Jayson's extended family that we were pregnant that week that we found out. We waited until I went to the doctor to tell the Nashville family. I made a cake and took it to a family meal to tell everyone. Here it is:

Here is the video of everyone finding out:

As you can see, everyone was very excited. Let's see...what else is there to talk about? Oh, I have gained 6 pounds already. 6 freakin' pounds. What is up with that?! I think I am retaining least I think this is what that feels like. I am already wearing some maternity clothes. My regular clothes are fine...just a little uncomfortable. And I don't want to buy the next size up. I am buying stuff as I find it on clearance . I also found this cute little consignment shop called "Mama's Closet." I went and tried stuff on there this weekend. They give you a pregnant belly to strap on before you try on clothes! It was so fun. I think I laughed the whole time. Here I am with the "nine month belly." I ended up getting this outfit for work.

So that brings me to today! I am very tired and starving this week. As soon as I eat a meal I am ready for another one! I am a fatty. Seriously. I need to control myself or I will end up gaining 100 pounds. I guess that is all for now! I will keep you updated as stuff happens!