Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm back, I'm back! I'm just such a boring person...I don't even know that I have anything interesting to blog about! We had a great, relaxing weekend. Friday night we did NOTHING. We basically laid around and watched TV all night. Saturday we went to a used bookstore. Jayson loves looking for used books for his future classroom. He got lots of good stuff...I liked looking at all the 5th grade books, too. Brought back memories! He is going to be such a great teacher. The kids love him. He has one girl that is in love with him. He said she throws the frisbee to HIM every time she gets it on the playground...she went out and bought "Dear Mr. Henshaw" because he was reading it aloud to the class and she wanted to impress him by following along. LOL. Do I need to go set those little girls straight?! HA. Back to Saturday. We went and looked for furniture at a few places but didn't find anything we liked. They should be starting on our house soon! YAY! We went to my parents house that afternoon so I could do laundry. I hate doing laundry in our apartment laundry room. It is always so hot down there and people leave their clothes in there for DAYS. I can't imagine doing that. It's nasty. Plus, there is always a fight over who gets what washer and dryer. So, I decided I'd rather do laundry at my parents, where I don't have to deal with the hassle of dragging laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs. :-) While we were there we watched the video of our Texas trip from 2004. HA! Jayson just loves Texas now....our trip out there this summer spoiled him. Kelbey and Deon were just babies in that video! They were so cute! And of course, that was the trip when we did our infamous "I just died in your arms tonight" music video. OH, and our sexy photo shoot too. Fun times. We grilled out with my parents Saturday night and came home and went to bed. Sunday we went to church and then grocery shopping. We had mama's birthday party at Grandma's Sunday night. I will have to post pics soon. I made spaghetti for the whole family. That was interesting...considering I have NO counter space in my kitchen. Poor Jayson got burnt...we lost some of the sauce....it was stressful!! But everyone seemed to like it, so it was all worth it in the end. I took yesterday off to be with Jayson since he was out of school. My place of employment does not get Labor Day off...what is up with that?! We caught up on rest and cleaning. We went to the Dollar Store (I love the dollar store!) and to Opry Mills, too. I fixed cheesy chicken for dinner and then we laid around some more. We are exciting people. I have already started my Christmas shopping! I am trying to plan ahead this year. We are Dave Ramsey'ing it now. We have the envelope system and everything. We've been doing good with it....it's so hard sometimes though. I love to spend money! Mama took Grandma to the doctor today. He put her on Plavix. Mama told him about her spell she had while we were in Texas. I'm pretty sure Grandma was mad at her for telling him! She is so cute. Uncle Paul is trying to get all the Nashville Crutchfields together to go sing at Grandma's church. Uncle James does not want to sing. Grandma said "Well, I'm sure he can be COAXED into it." LOL. I love her. Ok, I am rambling on and on now. Time to go to lunch. Are y'all happy I updated?! I love reading y'alls updates...I just never know what to say in mine!