Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What a gloomy day. The weather outside is gorgeous, but I'm gloomy. I did my part...I voted. Now all we can do is pray for our country. Thanks for all the humorous texts throughout the election season, Shu Shu. They all cracked me up. Now that election is over with, we can move on to Christmas, right Kayla? Shonda, how is your new car??? Brynne, why is your dog so cute? There, I think I "shouted out" everyone. :-) Our house is almost finished! Here is the latest pic of it:

Yes, that is our 1600 square feet of goodness. As of right now, our closing date is January 20th. BUT, if Jay can get a teaching job lined up before that point, we could have it sooner. So pray that he will get a job! He is a great teacher...we just hope some teacher is pregnant or is moving soon! Adam may get to come home early! There is even a possibility that he will be home for Christmas! Grandma is excited about that. She has been busy delegating tasks to get ready for her Texas sons' visits. She's hilarious. Here's a story about her. Sunday night we were all over there eating. Ashlee made us all hold hands to pray and Grandma did NOT like that. She does not touch anyone because she is afraid of germs! She refused to hold Jessi's hand. Well, Jayson goes and stands beside her and she grabbed his hand. LOL. She is so cute! I have started selling Avon! Does that make me an old woman? I order Avon all the time, so I figured I might as well sell it so I can get a discount! I make half of what I sell for the first few months. I'm doing pretty well so far. Here is my website. I feel all professional. I remember Kayla sharing her TV watching schedule one time on here. I think I will do the same!

Here is our Monday night routine:
I have watched this show from the beginning! LOVE IT!

I think this is secretly Jay's favorite. He wishes that we would have that many kids. HELLO!?

This family kind of gets annoying at times, but it's so intriguing...we can't help but watch.

Here is Tuesday night:
The show that inspired Jay to lose weight. This season is ANNOYING though.
And Wednesday night:

Gotta be honest...kind of liking Private Practice better than Grey's right now. Still trashy, though.
Here's Thursday night:
We got into this show about 3 years too late. HA. We are addicted though. Pam needs to come back.

Oh, Grey's. Glad the Lesbian story line is coming to an end. That was getting WAY too raunchy for my liking. Still addicted, though.

And the weekends are mainly spent catching up on everything we missed.

Every night before we go to sleep we watch an episode of this:

We have this habit of saying at the same time, "Poor JD!" We have netflixed this show...we are on the last season now. What will be our bedtime show after this? I do not know. I am open to suggestions!
And I get to go home for lunch pretty much every day during the week. On my lunch break I like to watch these shows:

I love TLC. Can you tell?
Well, now that you know more about our TV watching habits than you ever wanted to, I guess I will close and get back to work. Comment away!