Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just resting...

Well, I have been on bed rest for a week now. It really hasn't bothered me at all until today...I have been very bored today. Let's go back to August 26th. I had been feeling for a few days that my blood pressure was high. I have struggled with high BP my whole pregnancy. On the 25th, I had a bloody nose on the way to work. I NEVER have bloody noses. On that Wednesday the 26th, I sat at my desk at work and I knew that my BP was high. I had a cuff with me, so I took my BP and it was 150/100. I freaked out. I called my doctor...he told me to go to Labor and Delivery immediately to be monitored. I cried and cried. I have never been in the hospital for anything before, so it was very scary. I went to the campus clinic to have the nurse take my BP just to make sure my cuff was accurate. Her real cuff read me at 145/95 ish. My pulse was 114. So, she recommended that I go to the hospital as well. My mom drove me to the hospital and Jay met us there. The idiot that registered me at the ER looked at me and said "Oh I'm sure they'll just induce you." I looked at him and said "I did NOT need to hear that...I am only 32 weeks." Idiot. Needless to say, we told a nurse what he said and he ended up at the nurses station being lectured. HAHA. So I went to triage up in L&D. I had to do a urine test, which came back fine. They hooked me up to the monitors and I just laid there for a while. My BP gradually started going down, but the nurse came in and told me that I had been having contractions. What?! I have no idea what a contraction feels like...I had no clue I had been having them. So, they had to give me a shot to stop the contractions. That was fun. It made my pulse race like crazy and I was so jittery and sweaty. Finally all that stopped and they sent me home with directions to "take it easy." I was shocked that they didn't put me on bed rest. I went to work for the next week...trying to convince people that yes, I am struggling, but yes, I am still at work. I have learned that some people in this world are just so unsympathetic to pregnant women. I had my next doctor's appointment last Thursday (the 3rd). My BP was high again. The nurse would not tell me what it was the first time around. After the doctor saw me and measured everything, the nurse had me lay on my left side for a while. She took my BP again and it was 140/90. Wonderful. So, the doctor called me into his office at that point. He told me I was measuring about a week ahead (I was measuring at 35 weeks). I had also gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks. OOPS. He told me then that "we need to stop work at this point." I was kind of shocked...even though I knew this was coming. It was a weird feeling. He got real serious...basically told me we need to keep Jackson inside for a few more weeks. He told me that all I could do for the next week is lay on the couch...get up to eat and use the bathroom. Then he sent me back to L&D to be monitored to make sure that Jackson was doing ok. Jackson is doing just fine...having a party most days. He has been keeping me awake at night because he is so active. His heart rate is perfect...he's a cutie already. I was still having some contractions in L&D. The nurse checked me and I was not dilated, but my cervix is beginning to soften. She acted like that was a good thing...that my body is doing what it needs to do. It just looks like I won't make it to my due date at this point. They sent me home and I have been here ever since! My baby shower had to be moved to my house this past that was fun. I stayed in the recliner with my feet up the whole time and everyone waited on me. That is all a blur now really. I have spent my days on facebook, youtube, and watching TLC stuff on the DVR. It is starting to get old as of today! I go to the doctor tomorrow. He will tell me then if I am still on bed rest or if I can resume normal activity. I have mixed feelings about it all. Yes, it would be nice to be making some money again, but going to work obviously stresses me out and gets my BP high! Tomorrow he will also do the strep B test. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow! Almost at full term....Jackson's gotta hang in there a little while longer!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A new post...finally!

This will be a pictureless post for now...I need to get some pictures up here soon! I am now 30 weeks! The main symptom i am noticing now is EXHAUSTION. That, and being hot all of the time in the 95 degree August weather here. I have never been a sweaty person, but I have turned into one this past week. NASTY! Jackson's nursery is getting close to being done! It is so cute...bright and inviting. He is getting bigger and bigger...his movements can really hurt me now days! Jayson can now talk to Jackson through my stomach...he will tell him to move and Jackson will kick! It is so cute! Yesterday Jay was asking him questions...if he wanted to be called Jack or Jackson...what kind of music he likes..etc. HA! Jackson would answer with a kick. We can also watch him move from the outside of my stomach now. It's like a little ripple on my stomach. I left work early Friday due to strong chemical fumes in my office (they were waxing and stripping the floors). Today, it is still not better so I am working from another office. We toured the Labor and Delivery Unit of the hospital yesterday. I am glad we went! It made everything seem so much more real legs started shaking when we got up to the second floor! The L&D rooms are very nice...pretty luxurious. They have free Wi-Fi, extended cable, a DVD player, a couch that pulls out into a bed, and nice wood furnishings. The sad thing is, if the hospital is busy I will get kicked out of there a few hours after I have the baby and will be sent to a postpartum room. Our nurse said those beds are actually more comfortable than the L&D beds. If I could have the baby on a Sunday I probably wouldn't have to worry about it because they were DEAD yesterday. Everything will be done in my room. The baby won't be taken away for very much at all, which is nice. They have 2 lactation nurses on staff at all times to help with breastfeeding. We are actually going to a class tonight with the "guru", Joy. They said yesterday that she could get breast milk out of a turnip. HA! We had a MAJOR blessing last night at church. I started talking to the youth pastor's wife at a reception after church. She had a baby boy last November. She offered me all of his old clothes! They will be in season and everything since he was born in the fall just like Jackson will be! Then we started talking about breastfeeding and she offered me her PUMP! She is finishing up breastfeeding her son this week and she said I can have her pump to use. WOW. That is huge! Those things cost like $300. We could rent one from the hospital, but they are outdated and annoying. In other news, I am gaining SO much weight. I never thought I would see these numbers on the scale! I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I hope he doesn't say anything to me about it! After this appointment, I will start going every two weeks. is approaching so fast. I feel like we still have so much stuff to buy before he comes. We do have at least 2 more showers left...thank goodness! My work shower is August 19th and my family shower is September 5th. Well, that is all for now. I need to get back to work! I will update again after my doctor's appointment! :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm baack!

After a long hiatus, I am back! Lots has happened since I took a break from blogging. We took a 2 week vacation to Massachusetts/Maine. It was great! Very relaxing, and nice to see Jay's family. We also had our first shower while we were up there. It was nice! We got lots of good stuff, including some gift cards and money. We have already used the gift cards to buy: A crib mattress, a bassinet, and a changing table! Very exciting. Putting the bassinet together a couple of nights ago was an experience. We are going to try the changing table tonight, so hopefully all will go well with that. Jackson moved a lot on our trip, but his Nana still wasn't able to feel him kick! Granna (is she still called that?) hasn't felt him either. His movement is getting stronger and stronger as he grows bigger, so maybe he can be felt soon! Jayson has felt him quite a few times...he must know who his mommy and daddy are! I have been feeling pretty good at 26 weeks. I am back to being super tired again, but I do get these bursts of energy occasionally. I try to get as much housework done as possible during those times! I have had a little bit of back pain, but that hasn't been too bad. Every now and then (depending on what I' ve eaten during the day) I will swell to large proportions. haha. My ankles and fingers are the worst. I have sadly had to take my wedding rings off. :-( They are now on a chain around my neck...and I am sporting a lovely $8.88 Walmart set on my ring finger. Like my doctor said today "Well, it's good to make a statement now days that is OK and NORMAL to be married and pregnant!" I totally agree with that! Speaking of doctor, I had my appointment this morning with the dreaded glucose test. It really wasn't that bad. I finished the drink at 7:45 A.M. It has been in the fridge for about a month now. I chose the orange drink. It kind of tasted like mom would give us that when we were little and were sick. I didn't mind it at all until the very end...then it was a chore to finish it all! They took two vials of blood today. Hopefully that will all come out ok! I had gained 7 pounds since my last visit a month ago....I am a prego fatty! My doctor didn't say anything to me about my weight though. My blood pressure was ok, thankfully. He said I am measuring right on track for 26 1/2 weeks. The baby's heartbeat was 147, which is good. My next appointment is August 12th. After that I start going every 2 weeks...I can't believe it is already time for that! Everything is looking good...I hope it stays that way! So Jackson is about 14 inches long or so and he weighs about 2 pounds. I can feel him getting bigger and bigger. This week, he has been practicing opening and closing his eyes. And, he can now hear us talking to him more clearly! I need to be reading to him more...goodness knows I sing to him all the time in the car! Next week I will be in the third trimester! WOOHOO! Our due date is 3 months from tomorrow. Will we make it till then? Past then? Who knows! The nursery is coming together, so I know that will be ready for him. He is also getting quite the collection of clothes and blankets. Well, that is all for now. I am going to do a better job of keeping this updated...I promise! I will update again for 27 weeks!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our baby boy...

We got our second peek at Jackson yesterday morning! It was such a fun experience. He really put on a show for us...I think he has a cute personality already! Our appointment was at 8:00. I like being the first appointment of the day! We invited my mom to come along with us to see her grandson for the first time. We had to go back for a second ultrasound because the technician could not get all the pictures she needed of his heart the first time. He was laying perfectly for her as soon as she started the ultrasound, so she got the pictures of his heart immediately. Then we got to have some fun. Jayson was able to get a video of Jackson's most active time. His legs were behind his head. He was grabbing his feet several times. Once, he lost grip of his foot and kept grabbing for it. It was so cute! He yawned a few times, and moved his mouth like he was talking to us. Then, he gave us the peace sign! At first it looked like he was shooting us, then he moved his fingers into the peace sign. He was very active. He is in the breech position right now. His legs and feet are directly on my cervix and bladder...which explains the massive amount of pressure I have been feeling. I am ready for him to move up! But, he seems happy and healthy, so I guess I should be happy too. He is still a boy--Jayson asked a few times during the ultrasound. LOL. He weighs 1 pound, 4 ounces now. He is right in the 50th percentile. So, he is exactly where he should be! After that, we went next door to talk to Dr. Riley. Very short. Basically he just told us that everything looks great. Then he gave me my stuff to drink for the glucose test. I could choose between orange and fruit punch. I chose orange. I am scared to drink it! I go for that test on July 15th. Right after we get back from our vacation. We are leaving for Massachusetts/Maine on Monday, June 29th. I can't wait! I need a vacation so bad! I am 22 weeks now. The fruit pictures only happen once a month now, so I will save that for next week. I am feeling him move a lot more now. Jayson has been able to feel him move, too! Tuesday night we were watching TV and we could see my belly moving. It was the weirdest thing! My growing belly is making it hard for me to sit with my legs crossed or to get up off of the floor after sitting for a while. I have gained about 12 pounds so far, which isn't bad. I'm over halfway through! Less than 4 months now till my due date. Well, that is all for now. See you soon for a week 23 update!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knock Knock...Who's There?

Well, Jackson is nearing a pound and I can definitely feel it! I am still carrying VERY low, so the bigger he gets, the more uncomfortable it is for me! He is honestly sitting right on my bladder. I can feel where he is now. I am still experiencing that pressure that started a couple of weeks ago. If I recline at all, it eases up...but as soon as I sit straight up or get on my feet I feel the pressure again. I look like a dork at work...I have my chair all leaned back with a second chair propping my feet up. :-) I feel like I pee all day long...LITERALLY. I told a co-worker today that I think they should just move my phone into the bathroom and let me answer calls from there. haha. I hate complaining though...I am blessed! Jackson has been making his presence known a lot lately. I feel him kick all throughout the day, especially after breakfast. My boss had her baby this past weekend, so I got to hold him Monday. He was TINY---5 pounds, 4 ounces and 18 inches long. When I was holding him I think Jackson got a bit jealous because he started kicking me. ha. He could have been hungry, too, though. My weight gain is holding steady right now, which is fine with me. I know the pounds are going to start packing on soon enough. At least I have a belly now! That is very exciting to me! We are almost 4 months away from our due date. I hope I don't go early! That is one of my biggest fears--that and being put on bedrest. Jayson started painting the nursery this weekend. It looks great! I love the blue color we picked out. I can't wait to get everything else put together. My next doctor's appointment is a week from today! We will get to see Jackson again on the ultrasound. I can't wait to see how big he has gotten since last month! This week Jackson's taste buds are working. So, he can taste what I am eating and he will tend to like those foods when he is born. HA. I'm in trouble. Although, I did eat a whole bowl of Strawberries the other night. I hated strawberries up until I got pregnant. Now, I can't get enough of them. I ate so many the other night that my tongue got bumps on it! NERD! I also eat a banana every single day, whether I like it or not! So, I am trying to set him off on the right foot. I also read that the baby is getting ready for another growth spurt...lucky me! As I type this, I think Jackson is performing his first somersault. Must be time for lunch! I will update later with some pictures!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I "cant" believe it!

Wow! Jackson is now the size of a canteloupe. He is getting bigger and bigger, which caused all sorts of drama for mommy this past weekend. Thursday morning as soon as I woke up I felt a ton of pressure and my back was hurting. It hurt to walk, sit, or anything. It was a very uncomfortable day. I thought for sure I had another infection of some sort. So I called my doctor. The nurse told me to come in for a urine test and they would see if I had an infection. My mom and I left work early to go to the doctor's office. When I got there I was feeling so much pressure. I told the receptionist (who, oh my word, looks so much like Shu Shu it's not funny. I want to take a picture of her every time I am in there! LOL.) that I was in pain and she let the nurse know. The nurse told me that the doctor wanted to check me while I was there. EEE. My first time being checked! My urine test came back fine--no infection. He checked me and I was fine there, too--no dilation or anything like that. Jackson's heartbeat was in the 150's and everything looked great. So, he told me he thinks my body is just going through a lot right now...muscles tearing, things stretching, etc. He said my body is having a hard time keeping up with the changes that are taking place, so he told me to cancel all of my plans for the weekend and rest. Well, I had class Friday night and all day Saturday. So, I took off of work Friday. Oh, and did I mention we had company come in on Thursday? Great timing! I felt like such a lazy bum the whole time Alex and Adam were here! Alex was great though...she did my laundry, dishes, and housework like a pro while I laid up in the recliner! :-) I felt rough all day Friday...very tired and still a lot of pressure. I started to feel better Saturday during the day. We can tell when we use our fetal doppler that he is still extremely low. Since he is getting bigger, he is putting more and more pressure on my bladder, therefore I am going to the bathroom constantly! One good thing---I started feeling him move this past weekend! I felt him on Friday. He was kicking on my left side. Well, as of today he is kicking on my right side, so I guess he has done a switcheroo. He is extremely active. This morning I felt him right after breakfast, and then I felt him again around 3 this afternoon. I always feel him at night when I lay down on my back. When we are using our fetal doppler, I can hear him kick and feel it at the same time. It's pretty cool. I think Jay is ready to feel him kick soon! Jackson has a ton of clothes already. He will be well dressed, that's for sure. My parents bought our diaper bag for us this weekend at Carter's Outlet. Exciting! Buying stuff for a baby is so addicting. I really have to control myself. Well, I gotta go for now. Just wanted to give the fruit of the week with a quick update!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Almost halfway there...

Wow! 19 Weeks! According to those numbers, Jackson is a little bit ahead of schedule in the weight department. We still don't know how long he is...they said they couldn't tell on the ultrasound. This week, the baby is developing vernix to shield his skin from the amniotic fluid. I can definitely feel him growing today! I have had round ligament pain like crazy. It's real sharp pain that only lasts for a few seconds then goes away. I can always tell when Jackson is growing because I feel those pains and I get SO hungry. I have been hungry all day. It's weird...this weekend I felt like my belly went away! I looked so much smaller than I did the week before. But, I think I am back to showing today. A couple of people have actually commented that I am showing--SHOCKER! My legs, ankles, and fingers are continuing to swell. I am trying to pump the water, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. The leg cramps have gotten MUCH better since I have been taking my tums and eating ice cream. :-) I have been eating a bagel for breakfast every day---those have 40% of the daily calcium requirement for me! And my hubby is still making me chocolate milk, too. Such a good hubby. We shopped TONS this weekend. Jackson is accumulating quite the wardrobe already. Stores at Opry Mills were having 60% off sales. My favorite thing we got him was a pair of green Crocs! They are so cute! And, they were only $4.99! He is going to be STYLIN'! We started moving stuff out of the office to get it ready for the nursery transformation. The room looks so bare now. But, I can't wait to see it become a nursery. We are doing Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme. It will be so cute...and different! Well, I have BAD heartburn right now so I think I will go take some Tums. 20 weeks is just around the corner!!!