Monday, May 5, 2008

House Hunting, Ted Dekker, and XM radio

This weekend was great! I took off of work an hour early on Friday and Jayson and I went house hunting. This is becoming a weekly occurance! Didn't really see anything we liked on Friday. We ate dinner at Chilis and came home. He played his new baseball game on the wii and then we watched several episodes of the office. Saturday morning I thought I was going to have to go into work to work at graduation since we were all sure it was going to rain...but it didn't! So we slept in and ran around shopping all day Saturday. I got my birthday present from my hubby early....XM RADIO for my car! WOOHOO! I absolutely love it. We sat in the car so much this weekend just so we could listen to it! My favorite station is the one that plays all 90's music. He can also listen to ALL the red sox games on it. Saturday night we watched 27 Dresses. LOVED IT. May be on my list of favorites now. Sunday we went to church....and Shonda, guess who was sitting 2 rows in front of us? TED DEKKER! Jayson flipped out. He was very "LA, edgy" looking. I think he's ADD. He couldn't sit still the whole service. Of course, who am I to talk? Jay wanted to say aomething to him, but felt weird because it was church and all. His daughter goes to the school here, so we figure they were in town to help move her back home for the summer. We went to my parents' house for lunch and then house hunted some more. We are such dorks! I love it! We squeezed one more episode of The Office in before we headed to Grandma's. Adam was supposed to be there but he missed his connecting flight in he didn't get back in town until late last night. So Grandma and Jayson have this routine every Sunday's so cute I have to share it. Grandma barely eats anything, but of course she makes sure everyone else does. She is always on Jayson to eat a Little Debbie before he leaves...she knows he's on a diet! So, he goes and gets her a fig bar every time we are there and she will eat it only because he gives it to her. She loves Jayson. Last night he forgot to do it and as we were walking out the door she mumbled to my mom "Well, I guess he forgot." You better believe Jayson ran back in the house to get her her cake. She shook her finger at him. It's so cute! Well, I guess I should go. Update, everyone!