Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 weeks...I'm getting depressed already.

Sigh. I will turn 25 in a little over 2 weeks. It makes me feel like such an old woman! In honor of my 25th birthday, I'm gonna list 25 things I've been up to lately, starting with the weekend. Just for fun. Buckle in...I am a wild party animal.

1. Played Wii with my hubby. I've lost my touch with bowling. What happened?!

2. Watched a whole season of The Office. I swore I would NEVER get into that show, but now I am hooked. I love Jim and Pam!

3. Ate at Cracker Barrel. Jayson and I can eat there for $17, which is pretty cheap. I got chicken tenders, a side salad, and hashbrown casserole. MMMMM.

4. Walked around the campus of TSU feeling completely lost and nervous. I had NO idea where to go and it was raining and I was wearing flip flops!

5. Took the Praxis II Content Knowledge exam. It's required for us folks who want to be teachers. 3 nuns took the test with me. LOL.

6. Went house hunting. I love to dream! It's really depressing when EVERYONE on our floor is moving out but us!

7. Went to Walmart to get groceries. Enough said.

8. Watched Little People Big World. Jayson is behind on that show, so we're trying to get him caught up. We watched the one where they went to Vegas.

9. Went to church @ TCC.

10. Went to Longhorn for lunch with my parents. FREE FOOD! WOOHOO!

11. Came back to the apartment and watched about 9 episodes of The Office instead of working out.

12. Went to Uncle Paul's for dinner. Adam is huge AND he has a girlfriend already. Stacey was there...but no baby!

13. Watched Rob and Big as a family in Uncle Paul's living room. LOL. They seem to think that Rob is just like Adam. hahahaha.

14. Watched more episodes of The Office.

15. Started a work week. I work from 9:30-6:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays. That kind of stinks. I like the extra sleep, but I don't like being here so late!

16. Planned a Bridal Shower for one of our student workers. Her colors are red and black--how fun is that?!

17. Went shopping for the gift for the bridal shower. We're getting her a hand mixer and a huge basket of baking supplies that she registered for. I also got her a few baking mixes, frosting, and sprinkles to go along with it.

18. Jayson cooked dinner for me! He did ranch and herb shake and bake chicken, baked potato, and peas. He's so good!

19. Played more wii, watched more Little People Big World and The Office. NERDS.

20. Watched Jayson's weigh in this morning. He lost over a pound again this week!

22. Jayson made me pancakes for breakfast! Is he a doll or what?!

23. Watched another couple move out this morning and got depressed wishing that was us!!!

24. Came to work and checked my email.

25. Bought Jayson a diet coke and sent him on his way to his final.

Yes, I am extremely cool and I realize this. My life is CRAZY!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What day is today?

Today is Administrative Professionals day! woohoo! The Administration in my office has decided to stretch out the fun of this day into a week-long party. Monday morning they brought breakfast in for us (there are 3 other secretaries in my office). Yesterday one of the guys in the office made us all hilarious personalized cards. My card had FRIENDS quotes all over it. Today the university held a luncheon for all the "administrative professionals" on campus. It was nice to get away for a while and get a $10 gift certificate to the bookstore on campus. But, the food was random. Roast beef, turnip greens, mexican corn, potatoes, and cauliflower. LOL. The "big dog" in my office gave us all candy. And we just got an email from our supervisor letting us know that we get the afternoon off! WOOHOO! So I am out of here at 2:30. Jayson has class at 3, which stinks. I'll just spend the afternoon cleaning and doing whatever I want! Who knows what we will get tomorrow and Friday for this week of fun! Adam is in town...I haven't talked to him yet. I will have to call him this evening. Well, i have some stuff to finish before I leave for the day, so I will close. Here is a pic of my office. We went to a community college a couple of weeks ago and made hot dogs for the students.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Something to blog about....

YAY! I'm back! Yesterday was super busy for me at work, but today I actually have time to blog. We took a break from our wii'ing last night to go meet Bob Harper and some of the Biggest Loser contestants. SO FUN. We love that show. That show is what inspired Jayson to start losing weight. He has lost 37 pounds so far! I am so proud of him. He weighs in every Tuesday morning. He allows himself one "cheat meal" on Tuesdays, but other than that he does not cheat at all. He is so strong! Anyway, we got to the bookstore where Bob was doing his book signing at around 6:20. It was already pretty crowded. We got stuck behind a woman who brought her two toddlers to the event and couldn't control them. HONESTLY. Why ruin it for everyone else? She pushed her way up to the front with her double stroller and let her kids run wild. I was going NUTS. Bob came out at around 7:15. The place went nuts--he is from Clarksville, which is about 45 minutes outside of Nashville. So he is a hometown boy. His family and friends were all there. He spoke for about 15 minutes. Very motivating...and he is a Christian! He was very vocal about God giving us our bodies and how they are His temple. Next thing we knew, Dan and his mom Jackie from this season walked out, and then later Cowboy David from last season walked out. It was so fun! We were in group 3 to get Bob to sign our book, so we had some time to mingle after he spoke. We met all the contestants that were there. They were all super nice to talk to. Dan is in town for GMA week (Gospel Music Association). He gave us a CD and invited us to come hear him sing downtown. Cowboy and his wife were super friendly too. He gave Jayson his card with his cell phone number in case he ever needed encouragement or advice on his weight loss. Jay Jay was on cloud nine! Finally it was our turn to meet Bob. He is so cute! Our pic with him isn't as good as we wanted it to be. The woman who took it didn't let us know she was taking it, so I had to dive in to even get in the picture! It was a great night though. Here are some pics:

Jayson and Jackie from this season (Dan's mom)

Us with Dan!

Jayson with Cowboy David

Us and BOB!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My arm hurts real bad...

Yes, I think I have a wii injury. It really is a work out. My left arm is fine, but my right arm has hurt for 2 days now! I think it's because that's the arm I use when I bowl. My wii fitness age is 60. Is that a bad thing? HA! Jayson has played it so much that it is messing up our carpet in front of the TV. We're obsessed. I have been bidding on wii games on ebay since we got it. Haven't won a game yet. So yesterday morning my mom calls and wakes us up to tell us about Stacey. Poor thing, I just feel so bad for her. Her BP is still up and down and she is running a fever. They think it's from the magnesium they've pumped her up with. I guess her body became allergic to the baby at the end of her pregnancy and that's what started it all. The doctors told her yesterday she came very close to death and that her liver was failing when she got to the hospital. She didn't realize that. Her platelets are low and they have mentioned that they might have to give her blood today. They have given the ok for the baby to stay in the room with her, although Stacey is still being closely watched today. They still aren't allowing many visitors at this time. It seems like she's actually able to hold the baby today. I hope we can go out there sometime soon. We will take pics when we go. Here is a pic Jeff's dad took of Lauren.

I am sure today will be another boring work day. I definitely think something in our apartment is making me sick, and I don't know what it is. The minute we step into the apartment I can't breathe. I'm at work now and I can breathe. I can't wait to have a house! I can wait to have bills out the wazoo, but I'm ready to live in a house. Well, I'm gonna go see if anyone else in my office is alive. It's been pretty quiet around here today. I like it when you Texas girls blog! It gives me something to do!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wii like to party...

Well, I have to start out by telling a story. Last night was our banquet. It is a dressy occasion. I rushed home from class, showered, and changed for the event. I put on a black formal dress (one that I bought for the honeymoon). I kept asking Jay if it was ok to wear...if i was showing too much cleavage, etc. He said no, and that I looked good. By the way, he had already bought me white roses earlier during the day. He had them sitting out on the counter along with a cd he bought me when I came in from class. Here is a pic of the roses....plus some flowers I stole from the banquet centerpieces.
ANYWAY, I head over to the banquet. Jayson said he'd come over later. I had to be there early to register people and such. I go sit at my table and do my job. I notice an old hag standing there staring at me. I ignored her and went on with my job. A few minutes later my boss comes to get me and takes me into the bathroom. She proceeds to tell me that someone came up to her and told her I was inappropriately dressed. This woman had run her mouth to THREE people, who all came up to my boss to complain about my dress as well. My boss asked if Jayson could bring me a sweater or something to go over my dress. I told her NO, that I was going to go home and change. Talk about humiliating. I grabbed my purse and called Jay to tell him to come pick me up. I'm bawling at this point. He came to get me and I changed into black pants and a suit jacket. I called my mom crying (she and my dad were coming to the banquet too). They were ALL ready to go jump down that woman's throat. Come to find out, she has accused my boss of being inappropriately dressed in the past. My boss was SUPER nice about it...told me not to give it another thought, etc. I kept telling her that I am Polly Pure...I have never been accused of dressing innappropriately before in my life. I would have told the woman off, but I don't want to lose my job. I just got through the evening and I glared at the old hag whenever I got the chance. :-) Today after church Jayson and I went to the new SuperTarget. LOVE that place. He needed to get some new clothes because his old spring clothes are way too big on him now that he's lost so much weight. He picked out some shorts and a polo. We swung through the electronics, and what do we see? A Wii. We have been looking for one for so long. I tried so hard to get Jayson one for Christmas last year but had no luck. We knew we had to get it. SO, $250 later, we own one! WOOHOO! We have had so much fun tonight playing with it. I beat him at golf, but he killed me at bowling. I laughed so hard at him when he was boxing. It's really good exercise. Here are some pics of us playing. Disregard my white trash outfit. :-)

Here I am golfing. Good stance, huh?

Jayson was very serious about golf.

See, I told you I had good golf stance.

Jayson kicking some tail at boxing.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A rainy Friday

BOOO....more rain in Nashville. The weather has been perfect here the past few days...high of 72 and sunny. Now it's raining and it's going to get cool this weekend. My weekend is going to be incredibly busy. Today I am setting up for a banquet all day at work. At least we got to wear jeans! Tonight I have class from 6-9, and tomorrow I have class from 8-4. After class I have to change and go straight to the banquet. The banquet is for all the graduates of the MHR program this year. Next year my mom will be a part of it! WOOHOO! Jayson's not too excited about me dragging him to this thing all dressed up. I don't get to see him much this weekend, so he can deal with it! LOL. He went to his meeting for student teaching yesterday. He will student teach in Rutherford County in the fall. That's the county where my parents live--we want to move out that way eventually. He is gonna be a great teacher. He wants 5th or 6th grade. NOT ME. Too many attitudes. I was shocked that Michael Johns went home last night on Idol. What is up with that? There were others that deserved to go before him. Adam is coming home next weekend! WOOHOO! I am so ready to see him. That's it for now. I've learned lots of life lessons lately....one being that no matter how dear a friend is to you, you just have to let go some day. And I think I have finally done that. It has stunk majorly, but that is part of life, ya know? All part of growing up. I'll be stronger for it all in the end! Ok Shu Shu. Time to post another blog about how you did open heart surgery or something. You're turning into McDreamy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm on a roll...

WOW, two days in a row. This will be a quick one. I will be out of the office all day for work! YAY! We are going to a community college about an hour and a half from here. They are doing a career day, so my office is going to fix hot dogs for everybody and try to get people to come to our school. Any day away from the office is a good day. My shows were so good last night! David A was definitely my fave. David Cook kind of disappointed me. TOO dark for Inspirational week! And Biggest Loser....GOOOO ROGER! I have to vote for him this week. He deserves to be in the finals. Mark just looks sick to me now. Jay Jay cooked dinner last night. It was soo good and healthy! He fixed shake and bake chicken parmesan (no sugar added marinara), peas, and baked potatoes. I have such a great hubby! I finished the scrapbook for our niece....now my living room can return to normal. Well, my office is leaving me. I am really gonna do better at blogging. I don't have exciting doctor's office stories like Shu Shu, but I will do my best.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm blogging again!

Wow, I haven't done this in awhile. I guess Xanga is soooo last year. I saw that my awesome Texas cousins had started this up, so I couldn't be left out. They are the coolest people I know, so if they are doing it, it must be cool. LOL. I just got to work...it is HOT here today. I think something in our apartment is making me sick. It gets dusty really easily, and I think there's mold somewhere in the air conditioners. Everytime they run I can't breathe. So it's either burn up or be stuffy. Last night was eventful. I got one of those Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaners. You just push a button when you get out of the shower and it cleans it for you. We have LOVED it so far---until last night. Around 2 AM I woke up because I heard something going off...like hissing and rattling. I got out of bed to investigate. Around that time, Jayson woke up too. He thought it was a bird caught in the air conditioner---HAHA. I told him that the shower cleaner was going off. I'm in the bathroom trying to stop it...getting sprayed by chemical cleaner in the process. I finally got the bottle of cleaner out and it stopped. I didn't think to take the batteries out. So we go back to bed...and about 15 minutes later it starts going off again. Jay got up, tore the batteries out and threw them in the sink. That's our excitement for the week. HAHA. I am working on a scrapbook for our niece Natalie. Her first birthday is next week, so I am on a deadline to get it done in time for her party. Our living room looks like a tornado has ripped through it--I have a lot of scrapbooking stuff! We started looking at houses this weekend. Just to dream. Jay has to have a teaching job before we can buy a house. But it's fun to look! We found an area that we LOVE too. We are going to have a busy summer. Jay's parents are coming to visit on June 1st. We always love it when they come here! His mom loves to shop at Opry Mills, so I know we'll do that. I think we're also going to take them to the Smokies one day. Two days after they leave, Jayson's sister Alex is coming to see us! I am sure we will shop some more with her. We are going to Atlanta for a long weekend for our anniversary in June. I can't believe we have been married almost a whole year! Time flies by when you're in LOOOOOOVE! We may go to a Braves game...and I want to go to IKEA bad! We are going to Texas July 17th! WOOHOO! We are both so excited about going. I think Jay's just excited about seeing Shu Shu. HA. Two days after we get back from Lubbock we're flying up to Massachusetts for a few days. PHEW. We are going to be world travelers by the end of the summer. Jay will student teach starting the first week of August, so we'll get settled back in then. He is still losing weight! We are going to have to buy him new shorts and stuff for the summer, bless his heart. Ok, I should do something productive at work today. Have a good day everyone!