Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm baack!

After a long hiatus, I am back! Lots has happened since I took a break from blogging. We took a 2 week vacation to Massachusetts/Maine. It was great! Very relaxing, and nice to see Jay's family. We also had our first shower while we were up there. It was nice! We got lots of good stuff, including some gift cards and money. We have already used the gift cards to buy: A crib mattress, a bassinet, and a changing table! Very exciting. Putting the bassinet together a couple of nights ago was an experience. We are going to try the changing table tonight, so hopefully all will go well with that. Jackson moved a lot on our trip, but his Nana still wasn't able to feel him kick! Granna (is she still called that?) hasn't felt him either. His movement is getting stronger and stronger as he grows bigger, so maybe he can be felt soon! Jayson has felt him quite a few times...he must know who his mommy and daddy are! I have been feeling pretty good at 26 weeks. I am back to being super tired again, but I do get these bursts of energy occasionally. I try to get as much housework done as possible during those times! I have had a little bit of back pain, but that hasn't been too bad. Every now and then (depending on what I' ve eaten during the day) I will swell to large proportions. haha. My ankles and fingers are the worst. I have sadly had to take my wedding rings off. :-( They are now on a chain around my neck...and I am sporting a lovely $8.88 Walmart set on my ring finger. Like my doctor said today "Well, it's good to make a statement now days that is OK and NORMAL to be married and pregnant!" I totally agree with that! Speaking of doctor, I had my appointment this morning with the dreaded glucose test. It really wasn't that bad. I finished the drink at 7:45 A.M. It has been in the fridge for about a month now. I chose the orange drink. It kind of tasted like mom would give us that when we were little and were sick. I didn't mind it at all until the very end...then it was a chore to finish it all! They took two vials of blood today. Hopefully that will all come out ok! I had gained 7 pounds since my last visit a month ago....I am a prego fatty! My doctor didn't say anything to me about my weight though. My blood pressure was ok, thankfully. He said I am measuring right on track for 26 1/2 weeks. The baby's heartbeat was 147, which is good. My next appointment is August 12th. After that I start going every 2 weeks...I can't believe it is already time for that! Everything is looking good...I hope it stays that way! So Jackson is about 14 inches long or so and he weighs about 2 pounds. I can feel him getting bigger and bigger. This week, he has been practicing opening and closing his eyes. And, he can now hear us talking to him more clearly! I need to be reading to him more...goodness knows I sing to him all the time in the car! Next week I will be in the third trimester! WOOHOO! Our due date is 3 months from tomorrow. Will we make it till then? Past then? Who knows! The nursery is coming together, so I know that will be ready for him. He is also getting quite the collection of clothes and blankets. Well, that is all for now. I am going to do a better job of keeping this updated...I promise! I will update again for 27 weeks!

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Freebird1079 said...

Hey girl! So excited for y'all!! :-) I need to see more and more pics of you, your belly, and the nursery!! :-) and I wanna feel him move before he is born.. Come to Lubbock. LOL!!